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Music at the Casa presents Jorge Mendoza

I was born in the city of Las Tunas, Cuba. I arrived in the US at 4 years of age. My musical interest began when I visited Cuba again and saw my nephew, a professional guitarist playing. I instantly picked up the instrument and fell in love with the world of music. My nephew introduced me to the world famous guitarist Paco de Lucia, and thus began my journey in flamenco music. I was primarily self taught excluding 2 lessons that I took with flamenco guitarist Juan Serrano. However, I always kept my heritage present and constantly indulge in Latin music. I seek to bring the best of the both worlds and congregate both Latin music with flamenco music as well hints of jazz and blues.

I began performing at the age of 16 across many restaurants and venues at Disney and between all those gigs, I met other musicians much older who have provided a clear pathway in order to transform my self taught virtues into traditional concepts and methods. I am currently performing at the the Four Seasons resort every Wednesday and Thursday and occasionally at weddings or private parties. I aim to provide my audience with a glance at my beautiful Cuba while blending the much loved Flamenco style music.

Jorge will be performing with German Collazos.

German Collazos was born in Bogota, Colombia and began his musical career at a very young age with the guidance of his father. He started with the harp playing primarily the folkloric Latin music. He then later proceeded to study the guitar. Being mentored by many virtuosos of Colombia, he developed a very structured familiarity with classical music as well as modern approaches to the guitar. He later moved to the United States where he began performing in countless gigs with both his guitar and harp. German has a unique approach to music which easily captivates the audience and fellow musicians due to his knowledge and authenticity of folkloric music from many Latin American countries as well as a clear understanding of classical music and overall musical theory. He currently performs at Ceviche's tapas and bars Thursdays through Saturdays in which one can indulge in a wonderful flamenco show. Whether it's jazz, Latin, flamenco or classical, German Collazos delivers nothing but elegance and maturity that will surely turn the heads of those listening.