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Music at the Casa presents Vasily Yurin

Native of Russia, Vasily Yurin has established himself as an advanced classical guitarist who plays a very high level repertoire. In 2013 he was awarded first prize in the Performance Excellence Competition at University of Central Florida competing against performers in all instrumental categories. In January 2010 he won the Artist Competition at the Winter Music Symposium at University of North Florida, Jacksonville.

Vasily started playing classical guitar at the age of 9. After successful graduation from music school, he decided to devote himself to music and continued education at the Rostov State Music Pedagogic College, Russia. Besides guitar he studied music theory, history, conducting, orchestration, and pedagogy disciplines. A young graduate with an honors diploma was offered admission to the prestigious Rachmaninoff Conservatory in Southern Russia. 

At the age of 18 he was hired by the Rostov Regional Philharmonic Society as an artist of an ensemble of the Russian folk instruments. The ensemble would give over 80 concerts annually, toured Germany and Italy. 

Vasily is working on his second music degree in the United States. In 2012 he graduated from Valencia Community College where he studies with Dr. Troy Gifford in Music performance program. Vasily was offered numerous scholarships which allowed him to study Guitar Performance at University of Central Florida with Dr. Eladio Scharron.