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Music at the Casa presents Sandy's Back Porch Revival Bluegrass Band

Sandy Meloon Holdeman offers guitar and lead vocals and is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and recording artist. Sandy’s people-pleasing performances are a familiar presence throughout Florida and Georgia. She is an award winning bass player and received an impromptu category blue ribbon for high-energy stage presence at the Old Time Music Championships. She played bass extensively with Jackson Creek String Band and Common Ground. Sandy’s music dates back to her childhood memories of family gatherings around the piano with gospel sing-alongs. 

Grant Maloy offers lead and back up vocals and plays bluegrass banjo. He is the driving force behind the Late Fer Dinner bluegrass band. He grew up in the Oviedo area and has a horticulture business. 

Rick Settle offers mandolin and backup vocals and also plays in the Late Fer Dinner bluegrass band. Rick and Grant have been friends since 3rd grade and continue to be best of friends and musical partners. Rick lives in the blue two story house near the big tree in the pasture that touches the ground around its edges.

Scott Reid is a master on the acoustic bass. He also shares awesome harmony vocals as well contributing song writer skills. Scott went to the same high school as Rick and Grant so their history interconnects.

Sharon has been playing violin and fiddle for more than 40 years, and is also a member of several working bands that cover music genres from Celtic to bluegrass to old-time dance music to wonderful elegant weddings. She is also a Champion in the Florida State Fiddle Contest in the Rustic Division. Her stage presence is amazing as she creates positive energy everywhere she goes.