Monticello Field Trip

denham house-1872.jpg
denham house-1872.jpg

Monticello Field Trip

from 75.00

The Friends of Casa Feliz are proud to host the first-ever, overnight field trip to historic Monticello, Florida.  Join us as we tour buildings and meet people who preserve this special small town near Tallahassee. Tour will be lead by historian Phil Eschbach, 7th  generation Floridian and award winning photographer.

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Cost includes round trip luxury coach fare, 2 catered lunches, breakfast and a tour of the historic town:  

• Catered lunch at the headquarters of the Historical Association in the Wirick-Simmons house of 1833
• Tour of the 1890 restored opera house
• Tour of the historic court house
• Tour of 1 or 2 restored antebellum homes
• Tour of the historic Episcopal Church
• Tour of the historic cemetery
• Catered lunch, second day at the Chamber of Commerce with a presentation